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What we do

H2Cluster – The Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster is a national cluster. The aim is to strengthen the position for our partners by facilitating collaboration

  • amongst our partners
  • across sectors/ market segments
  • through the entire value chain
  • with regional/ international clusters and organizations

H2Cluster is working on several projects aiming to accelerate the development of new business opportunities within the hydrogen industry.

Our main market areas
We’re Quite Multi-Disciplined

Our main market areas

Production, storage and distribution

Industrial applications

Transport & Maritime

Stationary Applications

Hydrogen in the energy system

World leader


The Norwegian hydrogen industry is a world leader in technology, business models and solutions for the production, transport, storage, application and export of hydrogen.

Innovation arena


The hydrogen cluster’s mission is to create a national innovation arena where companies collaborate on innovation, competence building, market development and positioning.

Increased value creation

Our main goals

Increased value creation among the companies in the Hydrogen cluster, through intensified cooperation on R&D, competence enhancement, business models, market development and positioning nationally and internationally.

The people behind H2Cluster

Meet the team


Daniel Ras-Vidal

CEO at Kjeller Innovation

Making sustainable innovation and growth happen with business, research institutions and the public sector. Investor looking for Deep Tech from Norway: give me a ping! Are you an experienced tech founder looking for the next big thing, give me a ring! We run a Siva incubator, focusing on R & D and technology intensive startups from Norway. Also we are running Norway's Business Incubation Centre for the European Space Agency - ESA BIC - and H2Cluster - the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster, making the energy shift happen. Our HQ is at Kunnskapsbyens hus, right next to Kjeller Science Park, and we are open for collaborations nationally and internationally.

Knut Linnerud

cluster manager

Knut Linnerud has an Executive Master of Management (from BI, Norwegian Business School) and Master degree in Arhcitecture (from NTNU). Mr Linnerud has several years of experience as a serial entrepreneur. The 5 most recent years he has been focusing on industrial opportunities within the hydrogen value chain.

Linda Bay

Communication manager

The Steering Committee

Kathrine Ryengen

member of the committee

Currently serving as the CEO of ZEG Power.
Key experience is within technology start-ups and from commercializing innovative business models and technologies for industrial applications. Prior to ZEG Power, I worked 9 years in Scatec startup companies, including Norsk Titanium, a successful, global leader within additive manufacturing of structural titanium components for aerospace applications, where I was part of the original startup team and served as VP Business Development. Prior to Scatec and Norsk Titanium, I spent a decade within the field of Technology and Management Consulting, working for various companies, including Accenture.
I hold a Master of Technology Management (MTM) from UNSW, Australia, and a Master of Industrial Economics and Mechanical Engineering from NTNU, Norway.

Vegard Frihammer

leader of the steering committee

Founder and GEO of GREENSTAT, an energy company founded to create value through green business models within local energy, hydrogen, energy analysis and other areas within renewable energy.

At Greenstat we work with the industry, R&D sector and the politicians to find the best solutions for green growth. Always with an open mind to the best new technologies and with a special focus on Local Energy, Hydrogen and Energy analysis. Aiming to understand the long term picture, but still being able to pick projects that will change the world already to day.

With a background as an engineer from the oil & gas and maritime industry I believe that Norway is well positioned to utilize the knowledge from these sectors to drive solutions for a greener future. I also strongly believe that Norway should be the first zero emission nation in the world, based on electricity, hydrogen and sustainable bio-fuel.

Making Green Happen

Øystein Ulleberg

member of the steering committee

R&D in the area of alternative energy systems based on renewable energy and hydrogen energy technology.

Currently responsible for a Norwegian research center for climate friendly energy with focus on battery and hydrogen techology for zero emission transport (www.mozees.no). Have established hydrogen energy system laboratories in Norway (IFE: 2003-2008 and 2016-) and South Africa (UWC: 2009-2011) and directly involved in the development of two key renewable hydrogen energy system demonstration projects in Norway (Hydro and Statoil: 2000-2008; HyNor Lillestrøm: 2007-2012).

Active in scientific boards and committees related to renewable energy and hydrogen technology, and technical adviser for various companies.

Large international network from working groups within the EU (FCH JU), IEA (HIA), IPPC (SRREN), EASAC, and various bilateral projects with partners in Germany, Canada, Russia, Japan, China, and South Africa.

Supervision of MSc and PhD students in Norway, Australia, and South Africa since 1997.

Co-editor in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy; regular publishing of articles in peer reviewed journals.

Steffen Møller-Holst

member of the steering committee

Steffen Møller-Holst is Chairman of the Norwegian Hydrogen Forum and has 30 years’ experience in the field of hydrogen. He holds a PhD in fuel cells and worked two years under US DoE’s hydrogen programme at Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM. Over the last to decades, Møller-Holst has engaged in influencing politics, chairing the Norwegian Hydrogen Council for 9 years (2006 to 2014), an advisory body to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Ministry of Transport. Since 2008, Møller-Holst has been chairing the Transport pillar of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking, representing the European Research Community as part of Hydrogen Europe. Since 2001 he has worked full time at SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research institute, responsible for SINTEF’s significant project portfolio, counting 28 EU-projects on hydrogen over the last decade.

Geir Magnar Brekke

member of the steering committee

Nina Caroline Hjorth

member of the steering committee

Specialties: Strategy and Strategy Development, Market Development, Business Development Management, Strategy Planning & Implementation, Strategy Execution and Organizational Development, Business Analysis, Marketing, Quality Management, Business Structures and Processes, International Project Management, Portfolio Management, Building Positive Personal Relations.

Erik Lindseth

member of the steering committee

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