H2 Market Meetup - SiriNor and Call to Houston

Webinar 30 Mai, 2024 Kl. 08:15 Microsoft Teams


H2 Market Meetup - SiriNor and Call to Houston

Join us in the H2 Market Meetup on May 30th to learn more about SiriNor and how they are delivering hydrogen-electric compressors for zero-emission aviation, as well as receiving a call to the US market through Innovation Norway Houston, who will present on-going market activities that are relevant for Norwegian hydrogen companies looking to the vast market across the Atlantic.

Imagine a world where air travel isn't just convenient, but also sustainable. At SiriNor, they are making that a reality with their cutting-edge zero emission propulsion systems for aviation. By harnessing the power of Norwegian and Indian innovation and expertise in climate technology, SiriNor is revolutionising the aerospace industry, eliminating climate emissions, and paving the way for a cleaner, greener future in the skies - for the planet and for generations to come.