The cluster

H2Cluster – The Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster is a national hydrogen cluster, powered by Kjeller Innovasjon. We aim to maximise the national and global business opportunities with the most ambitious Norwegian hydrogen players. 

The core value of the hydrogen cluster is collaboration to open new business opportunities and overcome barriers for expansion. The cluster works in all parts of the value chain, from production, storage, distribution and applications in all sectors. 

We are the industrial coordinator for the first hydrogen export programme in Germany, where we work with hydrogen experts and Innovation Norway. In the cluster we are developing resource groups that is critical for business success. H2Cluster has created the resource group "Hydrogen Safety and Standards". We are also creating a communication platform to position the hydrogen industry.

We organize bi-weekly meetings for the members and a national conference, H2ValueChain, and aim to develop a platform for competence and courses relevant for both the new people joining the hydrogen business and stakeholders that needs to understand the business.