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NTE Hydrogen

Developing a network of hydrogen facilities in Norway enabling hydrogen as a green and efficient energy carrier.

NTNE Hydrogen


Statkraft is a leading company in hydropower internationally and Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy.


Greenstat is a Norwegian energy company with a specific focus on green hydrogen, solar, wind and zero emission maritime solutions.

Yara Clean Ammonia

Speeding up the growth of the ammonia business: shipping fuel, power production, ammonia as hydrogen carrier and clean fertilizer

Yara Clean Ammonia

Green Digital

Vi bygger dataplattformer og intelligens i og utenfor energisektoren.


Detection systems with optimal safety, minimal effort

Gen2 Energy

Dedicated to developing, building, controlling and operating an integrated value chain for green hydrogen


Operates hydropower plants over large parts of the country. Hafslund produces enough renewable energy to be able to supply half of all Norwegian households with electricity.


A global, dedicated hydrogen company, delivering optimal solutions to produce, store and distribute hydrogen from renewable energy

Kongsberg Maritime

Reliable solutions for merchant marine, offshore, subsea, navy, coastal marine, fisheries, maritime simulation & training, port & harbour surveillance and more.

Kongsberg Maritime


Converting natural gas to clean hydrogen, while capturing and storing the CO2


SiriNor’s purpose is to deliver true zero-emission engines which benefit our planet by eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions from aviation


Your supplier of high quality valves, regulators, instrument fittings for fluid and gas systems, technical service and assistance

Float Ocean

A Multi disciplinary Engineering Consulting company in the Oil & Energy sector

Tüv Süd

A dedicated team of global experts committed to helping you manage risks and access global markets through a comprehensive portfolio of technical solutions.

Tüv Süd

Absolut Hydrogen

Designs and offers technological solutions to manufacturers who wish to use liquid hydrogen as an energy carrier, particularly in all mobility sectors

OM Hydrogen Propulsion

Liquid hydrogen fuel technologies for emission-free transport. Long-lifetime pumps to raise LH2 from boiling point to a pressure optimal for vehicle's fuel tanks and to its engines.



Provaris is developing integrated green hydrogen projects for export to regional markets through the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen.

Provaris Energy

BW Offshore

BW Offshore is committed to contributing to the energy transition by developing low-carbon offshore energy production solutions.


Standardized and smart metering & analysis systems for custody transfer & fiscal application for Hydrogen & Ammonia applications.


Digital platform streamlining the planning of green hydrogen production projects and helps developers find cost-effective equipment manufacturers

Soren Hydrogen


Leading TIC companies, providing services in testing, inspection, and certification

Kvina Energy

Facilities for the production, storage, and bunkering of clean energy carriers


M4P is offering project and quality management, innovation and coaching on your location.


Agder H2-Nettverk

Gjennom Agder H2Nettverk vil et bredt partnerskap av private og offentlige aktører sammen synliggjøre hva Agder kan bidra med i en videre nasjonal hydrogensatsning

Score Group

Specialist in valves, fuel systems & accessories and component manufacture, we provide complex engineering solutions

Score Group

Hydro Havrand

offers green hydrogen made from renewable energy to help bring the world to net-zero emissions

Hydro Havrand

Vysus Norway

helps clients to optimise project development and asset performance. Solving challenges, managing risk and maximising returns.

Vysus Norway


Svafas provide solutions for all fluid systems within Norwegian industry and have a component range to fit most customer needs.



Hystorsys is a provider of hydrogen compressors and storage systems based on metal hydride technology.

Hybrid Energy

Hybrid Energy AS provides High Temperature Heat Pumps based on their unique patented technology with more than 20 references.


AxFlow offers solutions when it comes to pumping stations, pumps, valves, instrumentation, service and accessories.

Sigma Hydrogen

Combining a century old technology with technical understanding and artificial intelligence to produce cost-efficient and green hydrogen

Hydrogen Mem-Tech

is a Norwegian hydrogen technology company. State-of-the-art hydrogen separation technology with carbon capture.

Glocal Green

We have the answer to how green hydrogen can be implemented right now as an alternative fuel in the transport sector – both on land and at sea

Neo Monitors

We are the world leading provider of high performance dust- and gas analyzers based on TDLAS

IFE Invest AS

Etablerer og utvikler selskap med aktiv eieroppfølging i form av bistand til daglig ledelse, ytterligere markedsutvikling, oppskalering og kapitalinnhenting

Cignus Instruments AS

We are developing the next generation coriolis mass flow meters.

Glomfjord Hydrogen

We are facilitating big scale production of hydrogen, in Glomfjord industrial park.

CMS Kluge

CMS Kluge is a full-service business law firm, with a strong position in energy, real estate, infrastructure, technology and the public sector.

Toyota Norge AS

Toyota is delivering sustainable mobility for everyone



Leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future

Viken Hydrogen

Through developing and producing green hydrogen on a large scale, VH will increase the pace of decarbonisation of sectors with high emission.

Handelshøyskolen BI

is educating leaders of the “industrial revolution”, prepared for management positions in the energy industry of today and tomorrow.

Handelshøyskolen BI

TECO 2030

Fuel cells that enable ships and other heavy-duty applications to become emissions-free

Umoe Advanced Composites AS

We are breaking new ground by offering optimal solutions for containment, storage and transportation of large volumes of hydrogen, CNG and biogas.

Nedre Romerike Avløpsselskap

cleans waste water – after an extensive cleaning process, the water is delivered and returned to nature again. The sludge that is separated is used for soil improvement.

Nedre Romerike Avløpsselskap

PowerCell Sweden AB

develop and supply fuel cells, systems and services that lower environmental impact from energy generation.


We help our clients develop a safe and regulatory compliant hydrogen industry towards a carbon-free future

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen

Producing carbon free hydrogen from stranded wind power

Advokatfirmaet Brønner og Co DA

assists the business world, organizations and private clients in resolving legal issues and settling conflicts.

Advokatfirmaet Brønner og Co DA

Kjeller Innovasjon

has extensive experience with the commercialization of energy technology. Together with partners we create the sustainable energy solutions of the future.

Norsk Energi

Norsk Energi are experts in the effective, environmentally friendly and safe use of energy.


SINTEF partners with industry and government agencies to create more efficient, less polluting and more flexible energy solutions


Since 1948, we have been a frontrunner in international energy research. We contribute to new solutions in renewable energy, petroleum and industry.

Telenor INFRA AS

Telenor Indra drifter passiv infrastruktur i Norge, som omfatter blant annet master, bygg og energi for mobil-, kringkasting- og fastnett.


Akershus Energi

Akershus Energi is an energy company that produces clean, renewable energy from hydropower.

Akershus Energi

Hexagon Purus ASA

Hexagon Purus offers hydrogen high pressure cylinders and systems for a wide range of segments in the transportation industry.

ZEG Power

delivers solutions for clean hydrogen production from gas, through its novel ZEG ICC™ Technology with integrated carbon capture.