H2 Market Meetup - Zero Emission Construction sites

Webinar 02 November, 2023 - 02 November, 2023 Kl. 08:15 - 09:00 Microsoft Teams

H2 Market Meetup - November 2nd - Zero Emission Construction sites

Join us on November 2nd to learn more about Zero Emission Construction sites and how hydrogen can solve this!

On November 2nd at the H2 Market Meetup, we will set the spotlight on emission-free construction sites.

Joining us to cover this topic and present their experience from a use-case in Oslo are Nordic H2 Launcher (our accelerator program) alumni, NAPOP, and H2Cluster partner, Hafslund.

From the fall of 2022 and till end of April 2023, NAPOP, in collaboration with Hafslund and Steg Entreprenør, used a hydrogen-based energy station to provide power to electric construction machinery and battery containers on a rehabilitation project in Kruttverksveien, Oslo. The project utilized NAPOP's H2ES energy station along with a ZenergiZe battery system supplied by Atlas Copco Power Technique Nordic and included the necessary infrastructure required from the «electrolysis flange - to the hydrogen inlet flange of the H2ES unit. The rehabilitation project was commissioned by Oslo VAV whilst the hydrogen demonstration project component was initiated ny NAPOP/ Hafslund. This activity received funding from Oslo kommune - Klimafondet.