H2 Value Chain Conference 2023

Conference lunch-to-lunch 15 November, 2023 - 16 November, 2023 Gamle Logen, Oslo


Norway's Leadership and Collaboration

Join the forefront of Norway's hydrogen sector as the global hydrogen economy shapes the energy transition. Urged by the UN climate panel, industry expectations center on emissions reduction through innovation and collaboration. Norway's unique energy expertise in oil, gas, hydropower, and technology demands leadership, cooperation, and seizing extraordinary opportunities


Anita Krohn Traaseth, Norwegian innovation Leadership

01 – 25
Anita Krohn Traaseth, Norwegian innovation Leadership

01 – 25

Program November 15th

11.00 - 12.30 
Lunch and registration


Daniel Ras-Vidal, Acting CEO, H2Cluster and CEO, Kjeller Innovasjon and Conference moderator Kjetil Staalesen, Special advisor LO

Norwegian innovation leadership

Anita Krohn Traaseth, Chair, Non-Executive Director & Investor

Norway seen with European eyes
Thomas Young Hwan Westring Jensen, Head of Regulatory Affairs Denmark & Hydrogen Nordics, RWE

Norway's industrial leadership

Bjørn Holsen, Senior Vice President, Statkraft

How will offshore wind grow the hydrogen economy

Bjørn Simonsen, CEO, World Wide Wind

Insight into the global hydrogen industry
Alma Sator, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

A call to action for Norwegian pioneers

Håkon Volldal, CEO, Nel 

Facilitating Decarbonization – Efficient Processing of Electricity Connection Applications – Today and in the Future

Halvor Lie, Head of Grid Connections Department, Statnett SF


Panel discussion - Moderator Ulrik Olbjørn, Project Director Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor ASA
An electrifying panel discussion that will power your knowledge! Get ready to dive into the future of clean energy as experts unveil the secrets behind Norway's hydrogen revolution. Be part of the conversation shaping a greener tomorrow!
Panlelists: Thomas Young Hwan Westring Jensen, RWE | Bjørn Holsen, Statkraft | Alma Sator, McKinsey & Company | Håkon Volldal, Nel

Speakers corner
We have gathered some of the most visionary minds and trailblazers in the Norwegian hydrogen economy and have given them the spotlight in our Speaker's Corner! It's their chance to share insights, opinions, innovations, and ignite conversations on the hydrogen frontier. Do not miss this platform where the catalysts for change will be on display.

What’s the realism in all the hydrogen production projects, when “nobody” is building end-user applications or infrastructure?

Walk the talk - Challenges in building green industry in Norway

Experience from fuel switch in the industry

LH2 large scale transport

Certifying Norwegian Green Hydrogen for the European market

How to: Kickstart the European market from Norway

Hydrogen Verticals need to go Circular

Conference dinner - Hydrogenjulebordet 2023

18.00 Hydrogen Beer Hour

Sponsored by Glocal Green

19.00 Hydrogenjulebordet

Conference dinner - Hydrogenjulebordet 2023

18.00 Hydrogen Beer Hour

Sponsored by Glocal Green

19.00 Hydrogenjulebordet

Program November 16th

09.00 Welcome and introduction to the Roundtable discussions

Choose your discussion team from the following topics:

1 Cooperation and leadership 
Facilitated by Ivar-Jo Theien, Senior Business developer, Innovation Norway
Where does Norway have a leading position and how can we benefit from that? How can the big players connect with the smaller companies to cooperate?

2 Hydrogen technology 
Facilitated by Odd-Arne Lorentsen, CTO, Gen2 Energy
Hydrogen requires new Production, Storage and Transport technologies – does Norway have the right programmes and products for the next generation? Which technologies are the most promising for export?

3 Safety in hydrogen production and operations
Facilitated by Yngve Rothschild, Business developer, Vysus Group and Leader of Safety Resource Group in H2Cluster

Are we taking the safety challenge serious enough? Do we have the national and international standards and culture required?

4 Hydrogen offtake and use
Facilitated by Shane McElroy, CCO, Hydrogen Mem-Tech

There are many demand predictions – which one do we trust? What are the use cases that we believe in for Norway and internationally?

5 Connecting the dots in the hydrogen value chain
Facilitated by Ingebjørg Telnes Wilhelmsen, Secretary General, Norwegian Hydrogen Forum

What are the crucial barriers to remove in order to increase the speed of hydrogen introduction in new and existing application areas?

6 Global hydrogen markets
Facilitated by Per Røed, CTO, Provaris Energy

Where are the frontrunner markets? Is Norway set up to succeed as an exporter of both molecules and technology?

7 Hydrogen economy
Facilitated by Daniel Ras-Vidal, Kjeller Innovation

What does a profitable future look like and how do we get there? How do we grow the local, regional and national hydrogen economy? Which parts of the hydrogen economy is actually growing?

8 Green hydrogen and the power situation
Facilitated by Kristin Arnesen, Business developer, Hafslund

Are we ready to produce green hydrogen from the grid in Norway? Is green hydrogen the “new oil” or are the green prospects overrated?

9 Hydrogen colors and carriers
Facilitated by Liv-Elisif Kalland, Head of Maritime and Hydrogen, ZERO

What is the best future mix of colours and carriers? Compressed, liquid, ammonia, methanol, e-fuel – Is it a real competition between the colours and carriers?

Roundtable session 1

10.35 Coffee break

Roundtable session 2


Summary from the Roundtables and closing remarks

13.00 Lunch


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