Introduction to H2 Scale Up program

Webinar 25 Juni, 2024 - 18 Juni, 2024 Kl. 08:30 - 09:00 Teams


Why Attend?

Unique insight into the hydrogen value chain:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the entire hydrogen industry value chain, including drivers and key players from production to end-use, both internationally and nationally.

Networking with industry experts:
Participants have the opportunity to connect with leading companies and engage with experts in the hydrogen sector.

Customized consulting for your company:
Companies are encouraged to send two employees to discuss and apply the insights directly to their operations.

Expert lectures and relevant case studies:
The program features presentations from renowned companies and practical examples that provide insights into industry challenges and solutions.

Practical knowledge through 5-month modules:
The program is structured to cover essential aspects such as technology development, market opportunities, regulatory frameworks, and more.