H2 Market Meetup - SAFEN JIP & Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Webinar 08 Februar, 2024 Kl. 08:15 Microsoft Teams


SAFEN JIP & call for the Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Join us H2MarketMeetup on Thursday the 8th of February to learn more about the key learnings from the first phase of the SAFEN joint industry project, as well as getting an intro to the Clean Hydrogen Partnership and the possibilities that lie within this call!

SAFEN – Safe Energy Carriers

SAFEN is a Joint Industry project (JIP) that aims to close­­ knowledge gaps in understanding failure mechanisms, hazards, and accident situations in renewable technologies involving hydrogen, ammonia, and carbon capture and storage. SAFEN develops models for loss of containment frequency and ignition probability as basis for risk management. The project finalized the first phase in 2023, and the presentation will provide an overview of the project and the results.

Presenters will be

Thomas Welte, Principal Safety Adviser, Safetec

Ingar Fossan, Innovation & Development Manager/Chief Adviser, Safetec

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership has lunched new hydrogen research call for proposals for 2023. A total of € 113.5 million will be made available through Horizon Europe for projects to cover R&I activities across the whole hydrogen value chain. A total of 20 topics are part of the call for proposals, including 5 for Renewable Hydrogen Production, 5 for Hydrogen Storage and distribution, 4 for transport and 2 for heat and power. In addition, 2 topics will support Cross-cutting issues. This call also includes 2 Hydrogen Valleys topics.

Norwegian actors, which can deliver on these calls, are more than welcome to apply.

Advisors from Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council are more than happy to discuss with you.

Presenter will be

Tim GengeEU Advisor, NCP-Horizon Europe CL5- climate, energy and mobility, Innovation Norway