Medlemsmøte HYNOR

Meeting 03 Mai, 2023 - 03 Mai, 2023 Kl. 09:00 - 15:00 Hynor, Rolf Olsens Vei 50, 2007 Kjeller


Labtour og medlemsmøte Hynor

Sett av tiden! Den 3. mai åpnes dørene for H2Cluster på Hynor Testsenter på Kjeller.

Vi har bare 26 plasser, så her er det første mann eller kvinne til mølla!

IFE Hynor consists of the following main laboratories:

  • PEM Water Electrolyser System Laboratory (33 kW)
  • PEM Fuel Cell System Laboratory (20 kW)
  • Liquid Hydrogen Experimental Setup
  • SER reformer pilot plant (20 kg H2 /day)

In addition, IFE Hynor includes the following infrastructure that can be used for this test campaigns:

  • PV-system (16 kWp)
  • Power conditioning systems (AC/DC, DC/AC)
  • Gas supply and storage systems (H2, CH4, N2)

The main purpose with the IFE Hynor laboratories is to do experiments on PEM water electrolysis and PEM fuel cell stacks and systems and to do experiments on the reforming of methane (CH4) rich gases to hydrogen (H2) with an integrated process for CO2-capture using a sorption enhanced reforming (SER) prototype pilot plant. The new IFE Hynor laboratories also contain a laboratory setup for production and experimental work with liquid hydrogen (LH2). IFE Hynor is located at Kjeller, Norway.

IFE Hynor contains The Norwegian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Systems Laboratory, one of three nodes in the The Norwegian Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Systems Laboratory (N-FCH).

Water Electrolyser System
The water electrolyser system platform is designed to operate prototype PEM electrolysers up to 200 bar, 410 A, and 33 kW. This flexible testbed, designed and built by IFE, is well suited to study performance and degradation of next-generation stacks and systems, and to tailor and test control strategies that safeguards the system and maximizes efficiency and durability when operated with intermittent renewable energy sources.