Join us in welcoming... - PROVARIS ENERGY


We are very proud and happy to greet Provaris Energy into the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster.

We had a short chat with Per Røed, CTO in Provaris Energy, to get to know him and Provaris Energy and talk about how they see the Norwegian Hydrogen economy.

In short - what does Provaris Norway and Provaris Energy do?

Provaris Energy is a developer of integrated green hydrogen projects for export to regional markets through the simplicity and efficiency of compressed hydrogen. Compression is a proven, safe and reliable method of storing and transporting hydrogen and is already used in the upstream and downstream hydrogen applications.

Energy efficiency should be the goal of all carriers of renewable energy from Norway to Europe. The energy efficiency of compression is supported by project feasibility level studies which demonstrate compression can improve the conversion efficiency by a factor of 8-10 when compared to liquid or chemical carriers. The outcome being we use less renewable energy generated in Norway when transported and sold into Europe as hydrogen.

Our proprietary class approved hydrogen carriers store, transport, and deliver hydrogen in a gaseous form. Compressed hydrogen is a modular solution, that can accelerate the development of greenfield export projects due to the minimal technical barriers, small environmental footprint and flexibility to load follow the renewable energy profile. Simplicity of the Provaris approach eliminates the need for capital and energy intensive processes to convert and reconvert hydrogen gas to a higher density carrier in liquid or chemical form (i.e. NH3 or LOHC)

Provaris Norway AS was established in 2022 to focus on opportunities and projects in Europe. Amongst others, we have announced two collaboration projects for green hydrogen production in Norway, with Norwegian Hydrogen AS and Gen2 Energy, respectively, and we have commenced a programme with Prodtex AS to build and test the prototype compressed hydrogen tank in Norway.  It is possible to commence production and export of green hydrogen within the end of 2027.

We believe the transport of gaseous green hydrogen from Norway to Europe can be achieved within a cost range of EUR 1.00-1.50/kg into the H2 backbone (final costs are subject to volume and distance and includes compression, loading, shipping, and  discharge).

    What are your goals for the next year?

    A key goal is to demonstrate market access to Europe for hydrogen in compressed form through partnerships with ports and pipelines in order to secure offtake from Utilities or Industrial users that need gaseous green hydrogen.

    In parallel, we will continue the development of the collaboration projects in Norway, as they continue through permitting, front end engineering design, and the finalization of business cases for an investment decision. Ideally, we will be in a position to take FID on integrated project(s) by end of 2024 or early 2025.

    On the shipping side, we will complete the construction and testing of our prototype hydrogen tank within first quarter of 2024. This will provide us with full Class approval of our Proprietary GH2 Carriers and Storage solutions, which is key to unlock financial investment decisions (FID) on both hydrogen production and off-take sites.

    As part of an Australian entity, how do you perceive the Norwegian Hydrogen market?

    The Provaris strategy is now focused on Norway securing a first mover advantage to assist with Europe’s ambitions for decarbonization of industry and provide energy security. Both from an integrated green hydrogen development perspective, but also through the opportunity to assist Norway with “Hele Norge Eksporterer” in the maritime and renewable industries through our plans to commence large scale production of hydrogen tanks in Sunnmøre.  

    We strategically established our European office in Norway in order to have access to the existing experience and expertise in the maritime and shipping industries in Norway. Same time, we expect a supportive Norwegian Government to assist us in reaching our goals.

    What are your motivation and wishes for cooperation with the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster?

    As a relatively new entrant in the Norwegian Hydrogen sector, we hope the Cluster can help raise our profile in Norway and assist us in establishing value added relationships with government agencies and complementary companies, products, and services in the emerging hydrogen market. We’re optimistic that we can be first to market with a safe and cost-effective green hydrogen value chain and appreciate collaborations with organizations that share our ambitions.  

    Get to know Provaris Energy in the upcoming H2 Market Meetup on Thursday the 5th of October. More information on the webinar here.

    «The Provaris strategy is now focused on Norway securing a first mover advantage to assist with Europe’s ambitions for decarbonization of industry and provide energy security.»

    Per Røed, CTO of Provaris Energy