H2 Value Chain Conference 2023 - Presentations

The main event for the Norwegian hydrogen industry, bringing together the entire hydrogen value chain.

Conference presentation slides for download

Norwegian innovation leadership

Anita Krohn Traaseth, Chair, Non-Executive Director & Investor

Norway seen with European eyes

Thomas Young Hwan Westring Jensen, Head of Regulatory Affairs Denmark & Hydrogen Nordics, RWE

Norway's industrial leadership

Bjørn Holsen, Senior Vice President, Statkraft

How will offshore wind grow the hydrogen economy
Bjørn Simonsen, CEO, World Wide Wind

Insight into the global hydrogen industry

Alma Sator, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company

A call to action for Norwegian pioneers

Håkon Volldal, CEO, Nel

Efficient Processing of Electricity Connection Applications

Halvor Lie, Head of Grid Connections Department, Statnett SF

Speakers Corner:

What’s the realism in all the hydrogen production projects, when “nobody” is building end-user applications or infrastructure?
Per Øyvind Voie, Vireon 

Walk the talk - Challenges in building green industry in Norway

Birgitte Jourdan-Andersen, Blastr Green Steel 

Experience from fuel switch in the industry

Vibeke Mohn-Herberg, Hydro Havrand

LH2 large scale transport

Tor Skogan, Moss Maritime 

Certifying Norwegian Green Hydrogen for the European market


    How to: Kickstart the European market from Norway

    Per Røed, Provaris Energy 

    Hydrogen Verticals need to go Circular

    Aage Bjørn Andersen, NAPOP

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